condom dos and don'ts

Condoms come in different shapes and sizes, just like penises do. Experiment to find the best fit.

Check the use-by date and open the packet carefully.

Put the condom on after the penis gets hard - and before there is any genital contact between partners.

Pinch the teat at the end to push the air out, and place the condom on the tip of the penis. Keep pinching while you unroll the condom over the head of the penis. Then continue unrolling all the way down.

NEVER put lubricant (lube) inside a condom - it makes it more likely to slip off.

NEVER use two condoms at once - the extra friction means they are more likely to break.

If you use lube, make sure it is water-based lube. Any oil-based substance will weaken the condom.

After he comes, the man should hold the condom in place and withdraw while still hard.

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bust those condom myths

Condoms DO NOT stop men feeling anything. They are made of extremely thin latex or plastic and have little effect on the sensations felt during sex.

Condoms DO NOT make men lose their erections. If a man loses his erection when he puts on a condom, it is probably because he feels anxious. If he learns to focus on pleasure instead of performance, this problem usually disappears.

Condoms DO NOT have microscopic holes in them that can allow sperm or STIs through.

They DO NOT have holes in them, full stop.



condom demo video

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, instead of being offered a physical condom demonstration, you may instead be asked to view the below video.